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LATEST NEWS Last Update 12/14/2015


D-STAR has been permanently taken down.

ARRL Field Day 2015 Results

SHY-WY finished in first place for the Wyoming Section.

Wyoming Repeater Coordination changes

N7GT recently announced his retirement from his role in frequency coordination across the state of Wyoming after having led this crucial activity for an impressive 15+ years. The Wyoming Repeater Coordination Group has been progressively taking over the frequency coordination duties and will now take on full responsibility. WRCG's website is found here. All repeater trustees and those interested in one day establishing and running a repeater system in Wyoming should bookmark this site.

Many thanks to N7GT for all the years he devoted to coordinating the frequencies across the state of Wyoming.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) changes

Please visit the website Wyoming DMR Project to see all the changes. The website contains a lot of good information for those who want to learn more about DMR.

Club elections were held at the March 2015 meeting

New officers are listed on the club About Us page

A new ARRL Wyoming Section Manager will take office on Apr 1

Exerpted/edited from ARRL Bulletin 10 ARLB010

Wyoming will be getting a new ARRL Section Manager on April 1. Jack Mitchell, N7MJ, of Cheyenne, will be the new Section Manager. A ham since 1973, Mitchell is an active ARRL Volunteer Examiner who enjoys exploring and operating new modes, attending hamfests, making new friends, contesting casually, and chasing DX. He currently serves as secretary of ShyWY Amateur Radio Club.

Please click here to read the entire story.

December 28, 2014--submitted by N7GT at 15:17

Color Codes to change on the Wyoming DMR Network

Effective February 1, 2015, the Wyoming DMR Network will be changing from cc7 to cc9. Codeplugs will be updated and made available to those that have the ability to program your own radios. If you do not have the ability to program your radio(s), please contact either Greg, N7GT, or Rob, N7EMA, and we'll be happy to assist by programming your radio(s) for you.

December 24, 2014 -- submitted by N7GT at 14:15

DMR Network Update

There has been a lot of changes in the last week to the DMR network in Cheyenne. Mike, K7PFJ, has placed a new DMR repeater in Cheyenne. It is located at the old AT&T tower site on the west side of I-25, just north of Terry Ranch Rd. This new repeater is a connected to the RMHAM system in Colorado and will host the Colorado Wide talkgroup on TS1 and the Northern Colorado talkgroup on TS2. It is on the air and fully functional and offers absolutely phenomenal coverage South, North, and East of Cheyenne (K2AD reports he can access this repeater from his home in Firestone, CO).

Next, with the help of Rob, N7EMA, Jack, N7MJ, and John, W0VG, we were able to transition WY7EOC DMR repeater off of the RMHAM network and have isolated to the new Wyoming DMR Project network. We've instituted a new IP scheme and all of the network devices at the tower site have been re-IP'd and are now successfully working. A special thanks to John, W0VG, for his extensive knowledge of the VPN Gateway to efficiently change to our own IP scheme!! WY7EOC has now been changed from a peer system to a master system. The Rayfield cBridge device is online and Doug, K2AD, will be assisting in getting it configured for our new network and establishing bridge routes to RMHAM as well as to the DMR-MARC worldwide network.

In the next week or so, the portable DMR repeater will be configured to connect back to WY7EOC system; a VPN router will be configured and installed in the portable repeater cabinet; and then a short burn in and test period of the portable system will take place. After we are confident that it is stable, reliable, and working flawlessly, it will be packed and sent to Gillette, WY where they are going to install it and test it for a few months. The new Wyoming DMR project will host local only traffic on TS1 and a Wyoming Wide talkgroup on TS2.

Lastly, I've updated all of the codeplugs for the various radios in Cheyenne. I've added any new contacts as of Dec 1, 2014; added the new RMHAM system to the Cheyenne Zone; removed any inconsistencies within the codeplug that were inappropriately checked; increased the display time of user ID's during reception; removed the talkback scan feature so transmissions will be forced on the selected channel during scanning reception; adjusted audio settings and enabled Analog AGC on all microphones. If you have a DMR radio that you need programmed with the new codeplug(s), please contact either myself or Rob, N7EMA. If you have either the Motorola CPS or the Connect Systems programming software with the appropriate programming cables and would like a copy of the codeplug, please send me an email and I'll be happy to email the codeplug file for your use.

Stay tuned over the next week or two as I will be posting additional information once the portable repeater has finished its' testing period and will be enroute to Gillette!

73's all and Merry Christmas!

Greg - N7GT